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Best Elementary Exam Institute in Kalyan, Thane, Mumbai. Maharsthra. It helps to choose your career if you are opting to become an architect, an engineer, for animation, polytechnic, etc… The certificate which you get after appearing for the Elementary and Intermediate exams, helps you for the above entrance exams. While drawing you learn various color combinations & thus it helps you, when you study D.T.P. Corel draw, Photoshop while doing courses in computer.
WELCOME TO EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ''FUTURE ACHIEVERS'' The education world is a competitive one that begins with encountering various entrance examinations. This is a very vital factor, determining the future development of students. It is a door all students need to open for pursuing future education. Founded on 19th April, 2007 by Bharat Vishe, Educational Institute of Future Achievers is an establishment that helps prepares every student for competitive level examinations. First-rate education facilities at the institution guarantee the bright future of students.
Hotel Management Courses in Kalyan. HOTEL MANAGEMENT Wanting to be settled in your professional life, calls for making a sound decision after your H.S.C. Opting for B.Sc. in Hospitality from EIFA will lead every candidate towards a lucrative career. It is a 3 year degree course with global recognition that will pose these openings for students: Railway Hospitality Services 5 stars & 7 stars Hotel Shipping & Cruise Lines Catering Services Airlines Indian Navy Hospitality Services Resort Management Services Hotel Business Industry COURSE SYLLABUS Fluent & Accent oriented English Communication Personality Development Foreign Languages Computer Knowledge BENEFITS AFTER COURSE COMPLETION Campus Recruitment assured with jobs worth Rs 20k to Rs 1 Lacs in IndiaStudents can opt for overseas job with pay packages worth 2.5-3 lacs.If you wish to pass HM-JEE exams for Hotel Management with flying colors, then EIFA is the institution you need to rely on for sound coaching. The Hospitality Industry awaits your contribution.
MBA – CET Courses in Kalyan. There are several reasons why people are embracing MBA after completion of their MBA. The reason why there is hype among the aspirants about MBA • Better job opportunities • Faster career growth • Larger perception of the business world • Challenges out of comfort zone that makes an individual confident • Better pay packages • Peer-to-peer learning